Masaya prevé baño de sangre si el Gobierno nicaragüense celebra el "repliegue"

Masaya prevé baño de sangre si el Gobierno nicaragüense celebra el %22repliegue%22 .jpg

 The citizens of the Nicaraguan town of Masaya warn that there will be "a bloodbath" if the government and the country's government celebrate the "withdrawal", which commemorates a guerrilla strategy that was carried out to overthrow the dictator Anastasio Somoza Debayle in 1979.

The party, whose celebration is scheduled for July 6, consists of a visit by supporters of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) to Masaya, in a delegation headed by President Daniel Ortega, to whom the locals have shown their rejection after the armed attacks that resulted in 35 deaths in the town.

The struggle of the Nicaraguans began on April 18, when the government tried to carry out controversial reforms to social security, which became a demand for the resignation of the president, after eleven consecutive years in power, with accusations of abuse and corruption against him.

Before the popular rebellion, Ortega took to the street to the "combined forces", formed by police, parapolicías, paramilitary and riot, who ended the life of, at least, 285 Nicaraguans, according to data of organizations defending human rights.

"If the 'retreat' occurs, this will be a bloodbath, because this town will resist, it will not break, it will not be silenced by the sieges that the Ortega government has been perpetrating."

The activist believes that if the artists choose to commemorate the "retreat", as they do year after year, the death toll in Masaya would rise considerably.

The words of Souza were confirmed in a communiqué issued by the Masao activism and which was read as part of a march held in the town, in memory of the 35 young people who have died in that municipality.

"This brave people will not succumb, they will not give in. They can destroy the barricades, they can lock us up in our houses, but the moral, the conscience and the desires of freedom and democracy for Nicaragua are more alive than ever, they will not silence us, they are going to intimidate us, "says the document.

They demanded that the government and the FSLN "not provoke Masaya, that they not provoke the neighborhood of Monimbó with trying to enter with its tactical retreat, because it would be an act of total provocation that would lead to bloodshed."

In addition, the masayos pointed to Orlando Noguera, mayor of Masaya and member of the FSLN, as "guilty and responsible" for the violence that the area is experiencing, to whom they reminded him that "the people do not shut up, do not bow to anything or anything. to nobody."

"Do not encourage the people, the people today or tomorrow they will demand you, they will demand you and they will submit you to justice for being a murderer Your duty is to provide security to the population, not to kill them or to intimidate them", reza the statement in the part addressed to the mayor.

Masaya, 29 kilometers southeast of Managua, is one of the cities that has suffered the most attacks from the Government since the 18th of the current month its inhabitants declared it "free territory of the dictator".

In the original "retreat", which occurred on June 27, 1979, some 5,000 people departed from Managua to Masaya, and hundreds of them died in the bombing of the National Guard against guerrillas and civilians.

The strategy of the "withdrawal" was a success because Somoza thought that he had intimidated the population of Managua, when in fact they went towards Masaya to join with other guerrillas and then attack the National Guard with more force.